The 5th East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics

January 11–16, 2009

Gyeongju TEMF Hotel (慶州敎育文化會館), Gyeongju, Korea

Sponsored by

Korea Research Foundation Korea Science and Engineering Foundation

The school has been closed successfully.
We thank all participants and everybody who supported the school!

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The purpose of the conference is to help promoting the academic exchange and the friendship among researchers of three East Asian countries in the area of knot theory and related topics and encouraging graduate students of the three countries to study in this fascinating area of mathematics.

Program Committee

Boju Jiang   Gyo Taek Jin   Akio Kawauchi   Ki Hyoung Ko
Peking University     KAIST     Osaka City University     KAIST
Toshitake Kohno   Yukio Matsumoto   Ruifeng Qiu   Shicheng Wang
University of Tokyo     Gakushuin University     Dallan University of Technology     Peking University

Organizing Committee

Jae Choon Cha      Choonbae Jeon      Gyo Taek Jin      Ki Hyoung Ko      Sang-Jin Lee      Won Taek Song
POSTECH      Daeduk College      KAIST      KAIST      Konkuk University      ICU
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The arrival and departure dates are January 11 (Sunday) and January 16 (Friday). The academic program will begin on January 12 and end on January 15. More details on the academic program will be announced soon. On January 15, there will be a guided tour around Gyeongju area in the afternoon.


We expect more than 120 participants: approximately 50 from Japan, 25 from China, 50 from Korea, and a few from the West. Roughly 30–50% of the participants will be graduate students.

Participants who have received an username and password may login and provide or update information such as one's flight schedule, talk title, abstract, and presentation method.

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For domestic(Korean) participant registration, please see:

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Accomodations and Supports

A block of rooms have been reserved at Gyeongju TEMF Hotel (conference venue) for the participants. We will provide room and board to all registered foreign participants; meals will be served from dinner on January 11 through breakfast on January 16, and basic expenses of the guided tour on January 15 will also be supported.


We recommend Gimhae International Airport. To participants from East Asian area, we do not recommend Incheon International Airport because Gimhae Airport is much closer to Gyeongju. (From Incheon Airport to Gyeongju it takes more than 5 hours.) Just in case you need, we provide some information: Bus schedule at Incheon Airport (language: E C J)

Time Table, Abstracts and Talk Slides

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